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Introducing the Data Science Maturity Model

Many organizations have been underwhelmed by the return on their investment in data science. This is due to a narrow focus on tools, more


The “Joel Test” for Data Science

It's the sixteenth anniversary of Joel Spolsky's "Joel Test," which he described as a "highly irresponsible, sloppy test to rate the quality more


Reproducible Research in Computational Sciences

This guest post was written by Arnu Pretorius, a Masters student in Mathematical Statistics at the MIH Media Lab, Stellenbosch University. Arnu's more

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Data Science Platform: What is it? Why is it Important?

As more companies recognize the need for a data science platform, more vendors are claiming they have one. Increasingly, we see companies more

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Providing Digital Provenance: from Modeling through Production

At last week's useR! R User conference, I spoke on digital provenance, the importance of reproducible research, and how Domino has solved more

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Ugly Little Bits of the Data Science Process

This morning there was a great conversation on Twitter, kicked off by Hadley Wickham, about one of the ugly little bits of more

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How Machine Learning Amplifies Inequality in Society

This talk took place at the Domino Data Science Pop-up in Austin, TX on April 13, 2016 In this talk, Mike Williams, more

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Uber and the Need for a Data Science Platform

For those wondering if data science platforms are really a thing, there’s a great article by Kevin Novak, the head of Uber’s more