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Docker, but for Data

Aneesh Karve, Co-founder and CTO of Quilt, visited the Domino MeetUp to discuss the evolution of data infrastructure. This blog post provides more


Domino Honored to Be Named Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant

The team at Domino is proud to be named a Visionary for the second year in a row in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant more


Become A Full Stack Data Science Company

Hoda Eydgahi is a Data Science Manager at Stitch Fix and a Scout for Sequoia Capital. Previously, Hoda was the first Data more

0.05 is an Arbitrary Cut Off: “Turning Fails into Wins”

Grace Tang, Data Scientist at Uber, presented insights, common pitfalls, and “best practices to ensure all experiments are useful” in her Strata more

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Data Science Use Cases

In this post, Don Miner covers how to identify, evaluate, prioritize, and pick which data science problems to work on next. Don more

Building a Domino Web App with Dash

Randi R. Ludwig, Data Scientist at Dell EMC and an organizer of Women in Data Science ATX, covers how to build a more

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Racial Bias in Policing: An Analysis of Illinois Traffic Stop Data

Mollie Pettit, Data Scientist and D3.js Data Visualization Instructor with Metis, walks data scientists through analysis of Illinois police traffic stop data, more

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Data Quality Analytics

Scott Murdoch, PhD, Director of Data Science at HealthJoy, presents how data scientists can use distribution and modeling techniques to understand the more

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Intel’s Python Distribution is Smoking Fast, and Now it’s in Domino

Domino just finished benchmarking Intel’s Python Distribution, and it is fast, very fast. Intel’s Python distribution is available for use in Domino. Intel’ more

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Reproducible Machine Learning with Jupyter and Quilt

In this guest blog post, Aneesh Karve, Co-founder and CTO of Quilt, demonstrates how Quilt works in conjunction with Domino's Reproducibility Engine more

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Summertime Analytics: Predicting E. Coli and West Nile Virus

Gene Leynes (Senior Data Scientist) and Nick Lucius (Advanced Analytics) from the City of Chicago discussed two predictive analytics projects that forecasted more

Using Bayesian Methods to Clean Up Human Labels

Derrick Higgins, AmFam Data Science & Analytics, discusses how Bayesian methods can be applied to improve the quality of annotated training sets. more


Reproducible dashboards and other great things to do with Jupyter

Mac Rogers, Research Engineer at Domino, presented best practices for creating Jupyter dashboards at a recent Domino Data Science PopUp. Session Summary more


Taking the Course: Practical Deep Learning for Coders

In this blog post, Lisa Green, Head of Domino for Good, describes the content, value, and experience of taking Lesson 1 of more


Best Practices for Managing Data Science at Scale

We recently published a practical guide for data science management intended to help current and aspiring managers learn from the challenges and more


Fuzzy Matching to the Rescue

Jennifer Shin is the Founder & Chief Data Scientist at 8 Path Solutions. Jennifer is on the faculty in the data science graduate program at more

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