Data for Good’s Inaugural Meetup: Peter Bull of DrivenData

by on September 13, 2017

Recently, Domino for Good hosted the inaugural meetup of the new group Data for Good. Over 40 data do-gooders came to see Peter Bull of DrivenData deliver a wonderful talk titled Crowdsourcing Data for Good.

Peter’s talk addressed how statistics, computer science, and machine learning can be applied to the challenges in the social sector. He gave the big-picture context of the data for good movement along with advice on how people from a variety of backgrounds can get involved. He also talked about two new DrivenData competitions. The goal of the first competition is to identify fish species using machine learning to help protect groundfish in New England, and how it is a compelling problem for using deep learning with video data. The second is a new kind of competition where contributing pull requests to an open source project earns competitors points toward a $100k prize pool. The aim of this challenge: put deep learning at the fingertips of radiologists.

You can watch the video of Peter’s talk below or here and find the slides here.

Please join the Data for Good meetup group to stay informed about upcoming talks and contact us if you are interested in giving a talk.