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Big Data Developer at AppEagle.

Recommender Systems through Collaborative Filtering

This is a technical deep dive of the collaborative filtering algorithm and how to use it in practice. From Amazon recommending products more

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Imbalanced Datasets

Imagine you are a medical professional who is training a classifier to detect whether an individual has an extremely rare disease. You more


Density-Based Clustering

Cluster Analysis is an important problem in data analysis. Data scientists use clustering to identify malfunctioning servers, group genes with similar expression patterns, more


A/B Testing with Hierarchical Models in Python

In this post, I discuss a method for A/B testing using Beta-Binomial Hierarchical models to correct for a common pitfall when testing more


Faster deep learning with GPUs and Theano

Domino recently added support for GPU instances. To celebrate this release, I will show you how to: Configure the Python library Theano more


Social network analysis with NetworkX

Many types of real-world problems involve dependencies between records in the data. For example, sociologist are eager to understand how people influence more