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Visual Logic Authoring vs Code

At some point in their careers, almost every data scientist has written code to perform a series of steps, and thought, “It more

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R in Ecology

This is a guest post from Auriel Fournier, a PhD Candidate with the Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the more


Applied Spatial Data Science with R

Introduction I recently started working on my Ph.D dissertation which utilizes a vast amount of different spatial data types. During the process, more


Predicting winners of the Rugby World Cup

This a guest post by Arnu Pretorius For the sake of brevity, not all the relevant data and code are displayed in more


Better interactive data science with Beaker and Rodeo

Domino has offered support for IPython/Jupyter for a while, but we recently added support for two newer, up-and-coming tools for interactive data more


Optimizing Chicago’s Services with the Power of Analytics

In an effort to reduce the public’s exposure to food-borne illness, the City of Chicago partnered with Allstate’s Quantitative Research & Analytics more


Geographic visualization with R’s ggmap

Have you ever crunched some numbers on data that involved spatial locations? If the answer is no, then boy are you missing out! more


Deep Learning with

This post provides a brief history lesson and overview of deep learning, coupled with a quick "how to" guide for dipping your more

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Comparing Python and R for Data Science

A guest post by Martijn Theuwissen from DataCamp Both Python and R are popular open source languages for performing data science tasks. more


How to do factor analysis

This is a guest post by Evan Warfel. The code and results are available on Domino. Background P-values. T-tests. Categorical variables. All more


Interactive dashboards with knitr and htmlwidgets

Introduction htmlwidgets for R is a nifty R package that lets you easily generate interactive visualization. There are already widgets for interactive more


How to get started with the Data Science Bowl

I am thrilled to share a Domino project we’ve created with starter code in R and Python for participating in the Data more

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Visualizing home ownership with small multiples and R

This is guest post by Antonio Sánchez Chinchón. The code, data, and results are available as a public project on Domino. The " more


40-percent faster R without any code changes

Our benchmark project — with reproducible results — is publicly available on Domino. Starting today, anyone running R code on Domino can more

R Notebooks in the Cloud

We recently added a feature to Domino that lets you spin up an interactive R session on any class of hardware you choose, more


How to use R, H2O, and Domino for a Kaggle competition

This is a guest post by Jo-Fai Chow The sample project (code and data) described below is available on Domino. If you're more

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