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User stories: how Domino helps a data scientist create “unicorn-level deliverables”

We asked our users to tell us stories about how they're using Domino. This is what we heard from Laura Lorenz, a more

A mongo-based cache plugin for Play

A quick engineering-related post: we built a cache plugin for Play that uses capped collections in Mongo. It's available on Github if you' more

Deep learning with DL4J and Domino

TLDR We published a public project on Domino that's pre-configured with deeplearning4j example code, and all setup to compile against the dl4j more

Don’t get Hadooped

I have seen many companies that are interested in improving their analytical capabilities, and I noticed a disconcerting pattern: in many cases, more

R Notebooks in the Cloud

We recently added a feature to Domino that lets you spin up an interactive R session on any class of hardware you choose, more


Management lessons from software engineering

As I've evolved from being an individual software developer to managing teams and starting a company—a data science platform—I continue to notice more

How to use R, H2O, and Domino for a Kaggle competition

This is a guest post by Jo-Fai Chow The sample project (code and data) described below is available on Domino. If you're more


Crunchbase network analysis with Python

This is a guest post by Casson Stallings This project (code, data, and results) is publicly available on Domino. Crunchbase recently converted more


Easy parallel loops in Python, R, Matlab and Octave

The Domino data science platform makes it trivial to run your analysis in the cloud on very powerful hardware (up to 32 more

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