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To Jupyter and beyond

TLDR; Domino now supports Jupyter with R, Python, and Julia kernels as well as terminal access. It now renders ipynb files in more

Faster model tuning and experimentation

Domino provides a great way to iterate on analytical models by letting you run many experiments in parallel on powerful hardware and more

Reflections on “buy vs build”

“Buy vs build”, “not-invented-here syndrome” and even “invented-here-syndrome” have been written about extensively. I want to share a few reflections on the topic, more


Building an open product for power users

This post describes our engineering philosophy of building an “open” product, i.e., one that supports existing tools and libraries, rather than building more

10 interesting ways to use data science

There's buzz everywhere these days about exciting applications of data science, especially related to machine learning. While the majority of the media more

Tales from direct sales email outreach

Direct email outreach is one of our sales channels: we find data scientists working at interesting companies and email them. We've refined more

Topic modeling in 9/11 news articles

This is a guest post by Dan Morris. The interactive dashboard and the code are also available. This post describes a project more


Interactive charts with Plotly and Domino

We've created a sample project with an IPython Notebook that uses Plotly's widgets to create beautiful interactive charts. Read on to see more

How to do factor analysis

This is a guest post by Evan Warfel. The code and results are available on Domino. Background P-values. T-tests. Categorical variables. All more


Interactive dashboards with knitr and htmlwidgets

Introduction htmlwidgets for R is a nifty R package that lets you easily generate interactive visualization. There are already widgets for interactive more


How to get started with the Data Science Bowl

I am thrilled to share a Domino project we’ve created with starter code in R and Python for participating in the Data more

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Visualizing home ownership with small multiples and R

This is guest post by Antonio Sánchez Chinchón. The code, data, and results are available as a public project on Domino. The " more


Getting error bounds on classification metrics

This is a guest post by Casson Stallings. The project (code, data, and results) is publicly available on Domino. Error bounds, or more

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Check your intentions

It's common knowledge these days that culture is critical to a company's success, and there's no shortage of advice about defining and more

Using data science to get a good deal on a Macbook

This is a guest post by Ajay Sharma. The entire project, including code, data, and results, is available on Domino. Introduction ArbCraig more


40-percent faster R without any code changes

Our benchmark project — with reproducible results — is publicly available on Domino. Starting today, anyone running R code on Domino can more

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